Writing as Cade Brogan

Book #1 in the Rylee Hayes Thriller Series

Joanna Grey injects the deadly poison into the chamber of the syringe – time after time. She’s murdered before, and she’ll do it again. She’s intelligent, educated, and beautiful. At 35, Rylee Hayes is a respected homicide detective. Her best friends are her grandparents, her coonhound, and her partner – in that order. She’s about ready to give up on the idea of a relationship. She hasn’t seen the love of her life, Kenzie Bigham, since college. At 34, Kenzie Bigham is the single mom of a 13-year-old, a church secretary, and a woman who’s struggled much of her adult life with her own sexuality. Their paths will cross when Rylee’s new investigation involves members of Kenzie’s congregation. They’ll discover that the passage of time may have offered them a second chance at love – just as Joanna sights her next target. Will Rylee have what it takes to meet the challenge of a serial killer who’s proven herself to be a more than worthy opponent?

Book #2 in the Rylee Hayes Thriller Series

Three die in a psychiatric hospital. A triple homicide. A contagion, deadly and mysterious, is the killer’s weapon of choice. A dart flies. A woman dies in the shower, her neck is punctured. A homicide, hours from Chicago. Poison, deadly and concocted, is the killer’s weapon of choice. As her city teeters on the verge of panic, Detective Rylee Hayes is forced to divide her attention between two killers, one whose actions could result in a global pandemic, and the other, an old nemesis whose next target is her fiancée. And the clock ticks precious time.